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36. How To Reinvent Construction Using Robotics

Episode Summary

In this episode, we talk about how collaborative robotics can reinvent the construction industry and how software can be used to hack your brain. As always, you can find these and other interesting & impactful engineering articles on

Episode Notes

(0:55) - Reinventing The Construction Industry

There are 150,000 accidents on construction sites every year and there have been little technological advances to mitigate these risks - until now. University of Michigan is leading research efforts to develop a collaborative robot that can handle all the physically strenuous, and dangerous, tasks on the job site with instructions from seasoned construction workers. 

(11:46) - Software To Increase Mental Strength
Have you ever struggled to focus when you really need to? Or worse, find your brain to be incredibly active when you are trying to sleep? Well, ETH Zurich researchers have designed a software program to analyze and display brain activity on a spectrum - MyFlow - to make your life a little easier. MyFlow does this via retinal image analysis and can provide activities to train your brain in a manner that best suits you. 


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