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33. The Solar Panel That Broke The World Record

Episode Summary

In this episode, we talk about how Australian National University researchers broke the world record for solar cell efficiency and a new AI-powered device coming out of MIT that can help you determine if the material you want to use for laser cutting is safe + what settings to use. As always, you can find these and other interesting & impactful engineering articles on

Episode Notes

(1:09) - Scientists Set New Record With Bifacial Solar Cells

Australian National University just broke a world record for solar efficiency by harvesting solar energy reflected from the ground behind a solar panel using their novel double sided approach.

(7:27) - Smart Laser Cutter System Detects Different Materials

Have you ever wanted to use a laser cutter without needing to research the right settings for the material you want to cut? Well, MIT has developed an AI powered optical sensor that can determine whether your material is safe and if so, it’ll tell you the exact parameters to use!


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